INSIDER’S LOOK: Why Does Bay Harbor Golf Club Always Top the List?

Every spring, as tour pros gear up for the upcoming summer season, golfers around the country plot of their own tour of the country’s best golf courses to play. They are in search of the finest golf, beautiful accommodations and a destination that produces memories that should last a lifetime. To help, many golf websites, magazines and TV shows develop their own lists, created by professionals, golf enthusiasts and journalists. Every year, Bay Harbor Golf Club is not only included on those lists, but routinely comes in on top of many golfers’ wish lists. As you sit down to plot out your summer tour, keep this insiders look at Bay Harbor in mind. If you do choose to make Bay Harbor your summer golfing paradise, be careful, you may never want to leave.

Bay Harbor Golf Club

Famed golf course architect Arthur Hills developed 27 spectacularly diverse holes on three distinct and varied courses along Lake Michigan’s coastline giving birth to the Pebble Beach of the Midwest. The design strikes a balance between the stunning natural beauty and what was once an abandoned shale quarry. The courses are typically played in pairs – each with a different finishing nine – to form three unique 18-hole course routings to test and reward every player and skill level.

The Links, Quarry, and Preserve were designed to be three very different courses that could be combined into one seamless experience. The design and quality are consistent but the play and “flavor” of each course is unique. Lake Michigan was also a major influence in the design of Bay Harbor Golf Club and each course has at least one stunning view of the bay along the course play. The lake even becomes a factor in your game because the wind can be unpredictable and adds a little extra challenge.

The Links

The Links course was the first to open for play in 1996. It also holds the distinction of being the most expensive nine hole golf course ever built at the time. Initially described as something that belonged in science fiction, the barren landscape looked like it could have been part of the lunar landscape. Closely following the shoreline, The Links is meant to evoke the feeling of a Scottish style course and highlight the magnificence of Lake Michigan. Pair your round on The Links with either The Quarry or The Preserve – both Arthur Hills designs – for your perfect round of golf.

The Preserve

The second course completed, The Preserve, showcases northern Michigan at its finest. Designed to allow golfers to experience the thrill of nature, as if they were golfing through an actual nature preserve. With the abundance of wildlife, dense hardwoods, and lush greens you truly lose yourself in the quiet tranquility of your surroundings. The final hole features a dramatic par 3 that opens up to a breathtaking shoreline view. Pair your round on The Preserve with The Links or The Quarry to round out your perfect 18 holes.

The Quarry

The Quarry is Bay Harbor Golf Club’s diamond in the rough and the last course completed. The ruggedness of an existing quarry was preserved to give The Quarry a rough, industrial edge designed to finish in a dramatic style. It is considered to be one of the most unique courses you can play and is a visual delight. It finishes with dramatic flair down to and along the shores of Lake Michigan with some of the most picturesque finishing holes that you’ll find anywhere. Pair your round with either The Links or The Preserve – both Arthur Hills masterpieces and both offering a completely unique golfing experience separate from what you’ll find on The Quarry.

Spanning more than five miles of pristine Lake Michigan shoreline, Bay Harbor, MI is a cherished destination for vacationers and residents alike. Whether you’re looking for the best Lake Michigan vacation rentals, lakefront homes for sale, or simply the best place to visit in Northern Michigan, you’ve found it at Bay Harbor.

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