Keeping Literature Alive in Bay Harbor, Northern Michigan

There’s no lack of history in Michigan – think of Michigan’s storied relationship with the automobile industry, and its role in the Revolutionary War. Some places, however, have a special connection to history, and the people who made it. The locals in Petoskey, Michigan keep their literary heroes alive in their own way. Try the C. S. Lewis Festival, for example. Lewis never visited Petoskey, but from September all the way to November, the festival hosts speakers to talk about Lewis’ work, book discussions to analyze it, and even have the local theater group put on Narnia: The Musical-all for the love of Lewis’ works.

Lewis isn’t the only writer loved by Petoskey. Ernest Hemingway did some of his growing up here, as well. If you look in the right spots, you can find some of his old haunts-like the Horton Bay General Store, where he would grab a quick bite to eat, or Stafford’s Perry Hotel, where he would stay. The Michigan Hemingway Society helps keep this local hero alive in everyone’s memory with the hosting of keynote speakers and the noting of important Hemingway related events happening in Petoskey.

Celebrating its twenty-year anniversary, Bay Harbor has managed to maintain its small town charm and unique qualities by the preserving of its fun-loving nature. Visitors and residents find endeavors at the Village at Bay Harbor, such as KNOT…Just A Bar, eclectic favorites that can’t be found anywhere else. Check out some other favorites here.

Those seeking out the comforts of nature are in the right place as well. Enjoy skiing and snowshoeing the trails around the Inn at Bay Harbor or experience a winter wonderland while riding fat tire bikes. Stop in afterwards and warm up with their contemporary afternoon tea. The Bay Harbor Village Hotel also hosts world-class accommodations and overlooks the Bay Harbor Lake Marina. Its location in the heart of Bay Harbor makes it a favorite as well. In fact, most people enjoy themselves so much that they book their summer vacations early, as to avoid the rush. Bay Harbor in the summertime is an experience like nothing else.

When residents and visitors aren’t enjoying Bay Harbor’s many local shops, dining opportunities, and adventures, they engage in the local history by participating in local events, or making their own history by hosting their vacations, reunions and weddings here.

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