Happy Life In Michigan

Ever carried around an extra sweater? Gone “Up North” to get away? Pointed to your hometown on your hand? You most likely live in Michigan! Michigan’s climate, culture and people all affect the lifestyle of those who live here. Whether you’re in bustling Ann Arbor, enjoying all of the cultural landmarks, or swimming, playing, and staying at Bay Harbor on Little Traverse Bay, you’ll see Michiganders following these “rules.”

Keep A Smile On

Michiganders are known for their warm personalities and friendly demeanor towards everyone. Whether you’ve lived in town for years or you’re new to the area, you can always expect a pleasant greeting and a big smile. The way that we see it in Michigan, that positive attitude is a great way to know our neighbor and forge connections. If you’re lost or looking for the best fun in town, a Michigander can help!

I’m From **Here**

You’ve got to give Michigan a hand when it comes to its unique formation-it really does look like a hand or a mitten. As a result, many Michiganders don’t really need a map to show people where they’re from. All they have to do is hold out their left hand and point to their hometown!

Choose the Lake

Michiganders recognize the value of their beautiful Great Lakes beaches. The clean, white sands and peace and quiet make these beaches the best place to be when it gets warmer. Plus they’re salt-free! A real Michigander chooses the lake over the ocean any day. A favorite beach past time is collecting Petoskey Stones. They’re only found here.

Enjoy Winter Fun

As soon as the days get shorter and colder, Michigan natives know that it’s time to get ready for winter fun! Not only are there so many winter sports in the area, Michigan’s natural beauty shines when the area is covered in snow. You’ll find people cleaning off their ice skates, searching for the best nature trails to take their snowshoes through, prepping their snowboards, and even kids searching for cookie sheets to turn into makeshift sleds!

Be Sweet!

Michigan is the home of Mackinac Island fudge, which is known for being very creamy and very sweet. Some people say the locals’ nature makes it that way, while others connect it to the cream used in the recipe. Whatever makes it so good, people will pay a lot to have it shipped to where they live, which is why us Michiganders are so lucky to have it here in our state. In fact, it’s one of our favorite treats to give our loved ones come Sweetest Day!

Head “Up North”

Michiganders get tired from being so amazing all of the time. Hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, shopping and eating can wear you out. So, when we need to get away, we head “up north.” Although “up north” means something different to everyone, it always includes relaxation, natural beauty and plenty of family time.

Bay Harbor is one of Michigan’s most treasured up north destinations. With its direct proximity to Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan and its small town charm, there’s nothing about Bay Harbor that isn’t uniquely Michigan!

Bay Harbor is a coastal resort and golf community that offers a lifestyle like no other. Encompassing five miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, Bay Harbor is home to the area’s best amenities and lifestyles. Families often enjoy boating, swimming, and fishing off the shores of Lake Michigan or walking or biking along the Little Traverse Wheeleway. The Bay Harbor Golf Club has been called “The Pebble Beach of the Midwest” and the Bay Harbor Yacht Club is known as the social centerpiece of the entire community. The Village at Bay Harbor offers lots of options for unique shopping and delicious dining. Residents here enjoy life to its fullest.

The coolest thing about this place is that the fun doesn’t have to end when the day does. Bay Harbor makes for a great place to stay a day, a week, or a lifetime. With more than 30 neighborhoods, Bay Harbor offers a wide array of homes and a price range to match your lifestyle. Visit ExploreBayHarbor.com to learn more about the local real estate opportunities and becoming a Bay Harbor neighbor. For those who want to visit and explore the possibility of ownership and membership, two outstanding hotel options are available within Bay Harbor. Check out the Inn at Bay Harbor and the Bay Harbor Village Hotel and start planning your dream.


No matter how long you stay, you’ll wish it could be longer. It’s not too late to plan your summer adventure today by requesting a complimentary copy of the 2018 edition of Explore Bay Harbor magazine. Through its pages, you’ll find information on the area, more local events and tips for planning your trip. Go to ExploreBayHarbor.com to find out more!