This Bay Harbor Tradition Will Have You “Digging” Summer in Northern Michigan

Very few places have as many diverse wonders as Bay Harbor in Northern Michigan. Charming towns dot the coastline – each with its distinct personality and quaint downtown district. This lakefront resort retreat is full of natural wonders waiting to be explored. One of the area’s grandest summer traditions is the search for the historic Petoskey Stone.

As the official state stone in Michigan, the Petoskey stone is fossilized coral from over 350 million years ago during the Devonian period. This was a time when Michigan was covered by warm seawater and located near the equator. The stone’s hexagonal pattern makes it stand out when lying in the sand. When holding one in your hand, it’s amazing to think that you are holding a fossil of colonial coral, which predates humans by 300 million years.

Below are three Petoskey Stone hotspots that will help you dig up your own piece of history:

Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or a boating enthusiast, a self-proclaimed foodie or a sports lover, making memories with your family or traveling with friends – you have found a destination for everyone at Bay Harbor. Residents and visitors from all across the world cherish Northern Michigan’s scenic waterways, rolling fairways and picturesque trails. And with something as special as the Petoskey Stones here, there’s always a new treasure to discover.

It’s happened many times before.  Visitors come to vacation in Bay Harbor and never want to leave.  Learn more about Bay Harbor’s local area, impressive community and fun activities through the pages of Explore Bay Harbor Magazine. Request your free copy for all of the area’s insider information.